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Food Trucks February 2-6

30 Jan

Feb. 3, 2015- No Truck Service at the West Campus Green



Q&A with Gator Group

30 Jan


Name: Alex Aguilar
Major: undeclared
Interviewed on January 30, 2015

Q: What is your favorite food on campus?
A: Ike’s and Café 101.

Q: Do you have any secret spots here at SFSU?
A: I like to hang out in the lounge on the top floor of the student center.

Q: What is your favorite thing about this campus?
A: I really like how the quad looks.

Q: What is the best thing that happened to you this morning?
A: I didn’t receive any homework for my classes.

Q: What is your favorite class this semester?
A: English 114.

Food Trucks January 26- 30

21 Jan

The Spring 2015 semester begins on January 26 and we have an AWESOME lineup of food trucks to welcome back our Gators!

foodtruckweekly_ jan26-jan30