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Food Trucks March 30 – April 3

25 Mar



Did You Know? SFSU Fun Facts

20 Mar

Did you know the modern waterbed was invented at SF State? The inventor, Charles Hall, came up with the water bed as part of his master’s thesis project in industrial design more than 45 years ago. Hall’s goal was to design furniture that would eliminate the pressure points that cut off circulation and cause discomfort. His first trials included a cornstarch chair that weighed over 300 pounds. He also tried a Jello filler, which was more expensive and no better than the cornstarch. Hall then tried a different approach- using water and in the shape of a bed. The result- the commonly known waterbed!

For more information visit SF State Magazine.

Food Truck Schedule March 16 – March 20

13 Mar


Did You Know? SFSU Fun Facts

12 Mar

Did you know the waterfall outside of the Cesar Chavez Student Center is a memorial art piece titled the Garden of Remembrance? The waterfall garden, designed and dedicated by renowned Japanese American Artist Ruth Asawa, is a tribute to the 19 SF State students who were pulled out of school and taken to internment camps during World War II. More than 120,000 Japanese American citizens were held in internment camps from 1942-1946. The garden contains 10 boulders that serve as symbolic reminders of the different internment camps. A waterfall on the east side of the memorial represents energy and renewal, and the Japanese Americans’ return to their homes. Learn more by visiting the plaque near the garden.


Food Truck Schedule March 9 – March 13

5 Mar

UPDATE March 12- The Kabob Job will be serving lunch at Hensill Hall instead of Curry Up Now. 
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Q&A with Gator Group

4 Mar


Name: Corey O.
Major: Communication
Interviewed on February 26, 2015

Q: What is your favorite food on campus?
A: Cafe Rosso. I like the Mediterranean breakfast sandwich.

Q: Do you have any secret spots here at SFSU?
A: My favorite spot is right here actually, at the tables in front of Cafe Rosso.

Q: What is your favorite thing about this campus?
A: The Depot.

Q: What is the best thing happened to you this morning?
A: I started my internship.

Q: What is your favorite class this semester?
A: Oral interpretation of the first person.