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Shop24 Finals Fuel and Special Discounts

12 Dec

shop24 finals special code

Finals are quickly approaching, and SFSU Gator Group wants to help encourage and energize you to do your best. We have a number of finals-inspired specials and discounts available at Shop24 to help you get through the end of the semester! So whether you’re “ballin’ on a budget” or just in search for a good deal (and what student isn’t?) stop by Shop24 for any of the following deals, now through December 20:

To use a Shop24 discount or combo code, simply walk up to the store and enter the 4-digit code. Each code is linked to a special item price or combo. It’s that easy!

Late Night Happy Hour- 10 p.m. – 3 a.m. Enjoy a discounted energy drink!
Red Bull 8oz. (3410 or 3411), $2.25
Monster Energy ( 3407 or 3408), $2.55
Rockstar Energy (3406), $2.55
5-Hour Energy (3315), $3.15

Energize Combo (0642): Red Bull is a hot seller at Shop24, but this special add a little protein to the mix with a Peanut butter Clif Bar for that extra brain boost. This deal is just $4.00.

Sugar Rush Combo (0436): A 5-hour Energy drink, Skittles, and a scantron to maximize your readiness for finals. Get this deal for only $5.50.

Finals Kit (0127):  This deluxe combo equips you with a 5-hour Energy, large green test book, scantron, and pens. This combo is available for $4.75.

And for something a little more substantial in the meal category- our Finals Fuel deals:

Garlic Hummus Wrap and Kettle Salt/Pepper Chips for $4.75 (0270)

Avocado and Jack Sandwich and Lay’s Chips for $5.75 (0263)

Turkey and Cheese Sandwich with a Pepsi for $6.00 (0264)



Shop24: Finals Specials and Study Snacks

10 Dec

Finals are here! We know you will be rushing around and staying up late- let Gator Group take care of you with some Shop24 specials.

Enter the special code for the item you want and get the discounted price! Good luck Gators!

shop24 finals special code

Late Night Happy Hour! Between 10pm and 3am you can get the following energy drinks at a discounted price:

Red Bull, 8oz, $2.25- Code 3410/3411
5-Hour Energy, $3.15- Code 3315
Monster Energy, $2.55- Code 3407/3408
Rockstar Energy, $2.55- Code 3406

Finals Kit: $4.75 using Code 0127
1 large Green Book, Pens, Scantron, and 5-Hour Energy

Energize Combo: $4.00 using Code 0642
Red Bull (8oz) and Peanut Butter Clif Bar

Sugar Rush Combo: $5.50 using Code 0436
5-Hour Energy, Skittles, and Scantron

Finals Fuel Combos:
Garlic Hummus Wrap and Kettle Salt & Pepper Chips- $4.75 using Code 0270
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich and Pepsi- $6.00 using Code 0264

Avocado & Jack Sandwich and Lays Chips- $5.75 using Code 0263

Food Truck Schedule Dec 9- Dec13

6 Dec


Last week for food trucks during the Fall semester, get it while  you can!


Food Truck Schedule Dec 2 – Dec 6

1 Dec