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Semester Close

18 May

Good Morning, Gators! We have come to the close of another semester, here at our beautiful campus. As you make your way out into the world (graduates), don’t lose the sight of all the scrumptiousness from the food perspective. For those coming back in the fall don’t worry we will be back with the food trucks that you hold dear and some new ones to pique you interests. Have a great summer all and we will see some of you in the fall of 2018!


It all begins again!

21 Jan
Good Morning and Welcome all Gators (Returning and New),
It’s that time again to start up a new semester and in doing so, we at UCorp are bringing more of what you can expect and some new trucks and their foods to try out through our food truck rotation. It all starts today, check out the trucks throughout the semester, you’re going to want to be there or be square! We kid, but seriously they’ll be what you’ll want!
* Check out the weekly food truck schedule @

Winter Break

15 Dec

It’s that time again to put a bow on the end of the Semester… Gators, you made it through and now it’s time for Hot Chocolate, Snow (if you hail from a snowy area) and Cold weather for everyone, Family-Time and New Aspirations going into a New Year. Thank you for checking out the food trucks throughout the semester, we truly hope that you enjoyed them! We will be steadily working on getting a new rotation going for the Spring semester and we hope that you will again be ready to indulge in some of the classic and new offerings.


From Us to You and your Family… Happy Holidays and we will see you in the Spring!

Hello Again and Welcome New!

23 Aug

Hello returning and new Gators!

We hope that you are up and ready to start a brand new semester, here at Gator Group we are also back to bring you yummy food trucks throughout the semester. Feel like broadening your horizons on the grub tip or just looking to find something different from the regular mundane, check us out at our 2 locations this semester. Good Luck throughout your journey and just know we will be here to help you from the stomachs perspective!

To A Close

17 May

Well another semester will be coming to a close and another group of graduates will be moving onto the great big world, 1st of all congratulations and secondly good luck! We are at the end of another semester and that is all for the Spring Run of food trucks, we hope that you enjoyed the new trucks and the return of some of your favorites. Don’t worry though… While you are out enjoying the Sun and BBQ’s, we will be hard at work getting the next schedule up and ready for your return. Have a Great Summer and we’ll either see some of you back or be welcoming in a whole new group of awesome gators!

New Beginnings same Great Choices

23 Jan

Good Morning and Welcome Back, Gators!

It all begins with food and what better way to get through the semester than with different food choices everyday? As you begin your new semester we are back again with some of your favorite Food Trucks along with some new ones to try out. As we kick this new semester into gear, we got you covered from your stomach’s perspective, go out there and crunch through this semester! Good Luck from Us to You!

That’s all Gators

16 Dec

The fall Food Truck schedule has come to a close and now it is time to get that Family-Time on. Don’t worry the food will be on and cracking when you return back from your winter break, maybe some new trucks are on the horizon. We hope that you enjoyed some of the tasty bites from the trucks and their operators this semester and we look forward to bringing some scrumptious eats ahead. Until we meet again, Happy Holidays from Us to You and your Families!