Q&A with Gator Group

26 Feb


Name: Rosemary Dehesa
Major: Computer Engineering
Interviewed on February 12th, 2014

Q: Do you eat at the food trucks often?
A:  Yes. When it was in front of the science building I would eat at the food trucks very often because my all my classes used to be in the science building.

Q: What did you order today from Manna Japanese?
A: I usually like getting the sushi wrap or the street maki because it’s pretty legit. It really tastes like the real thing and I think it’s actually better than some sushi restaurants. This is actually my favorite food truck. Whenever it’s here I come and I saw it today and was “like ahh it’s here!”.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the campus?
A: I feel like SFSU isn’t well known for the school itself but more so for the type of people that are here. I even asked one of my professors why he chose to teach at SFSU and he told me because the city tends to bring a lot of diversity to this campus.

Q: Do you have any secret joys at SFSU?
A: Boys…just kidding. My secret joy is that there are stray cats on campus and I pet them whenever I see them around.


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