Welcome Back Spring Specials at Shop24

27 Jan

Welcome back Gators! The start of the semester is always a busy time- stop by Shop24 for a quick pick-me-up. From January 29- February 9 there will be special discount codes for some of your favorite snacks.

shop24 20140127


To redeem the discounted price, walk up to Shop24 and enter the code. Shop24 has the items and special price programmed- it’s that easy.

Enchilada Combo- Code 0681 -$5.00
Enchilada Wrap & Crystal Geyser Sport (1 Liter)

Power Vegan Combo- Code 0519- $5.00
Vegan Cran. Orange Mufin & Odwalla Strawberry Banana

Rosemary Chicken Sandwich Combo- Code 0112 -$6.25
Rosemary Chicken Sandwich & 20 oz Pepsi

Super Salad Combo- Code 0298 -$5.50
Santa Fe Fiesta Salad & Dole Mandarin Oranges

Featured Item: Clif Bar (Code 3605 will get you $1 off!)




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