Introducing Shop24 Combo Codes!

13 Nov

Gator Group is happy to present our first round of discounted combination specials at Shop24! Every month we will post a combination of products that you can buy at a discounted price by using a combination code. It’s simple, just walk up to Shop24 and enter the combo code. Shop24 will automatically pull up all the products included in the combo for the special price. Here are the November specials:

Shop 24 Combo Codes, November

Sandwich Special
$6.00, CODES- 0151-0155

turkey avocado sandwich & water CODE 0151
chicken avocado sandwich & water CODE 0152
ham and cheese sandwich & water CODE 0153
tuna sandwich &water CODE 0154
avocado and jack sandwich & water CODE 0155

Clean Teeth Special
 $6.50, CODE- 0900
Includes: Colgate toothbrush, Colgate toothpaste,
Reach mint dental floss, Scope mouthwash


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