Food Truck Spotlight: Me So Hungry Too

6 Nov

Our Spotlight this week is from Jerry Sladewski of Me So Hungry Too . Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Jerry!

Me So Hungry Too Me So Hungry Too Sliders and Frys

Q: What sparked the interest to start Me So Hungry Too?

A: I’ve always loved food and cooking food for people. After many years of working just to pay bills, an opportunity presented itself to help get the first truck started in SF and I’ve been trucking along ever since.

Q: What kind of food does your truck serve and what inspired that choice of cuisine?

A: Burgers and sliders with a twist.

Q: What do you recommend first time visitors try at your truck?

A: A good item if you are hungry is our sampler because you get to try one of each slider. If you are just kinda hungry and you like gorgonzola cheese I would suggest the cali sliders and an order of our garlic or sweet potato fries.

Q: What’s the best part about serving at the SF State campus?

A: The people are really nice and seem to appreciate our twist on sliders and burgers.

Q: What’s something most people don’t know about your truck?

A: It used to be a space ship. Just kidding


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