Food Truck Spotlight: Hiyaaa!

7 Oct

Our spotlight today is from Sun Chang of Hiyaaa!. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Sun!

Hiyaaa! TruckHiyaaa! Sandwich

Q: What sparked the interest to start Hiyaaa! ?

A: We love food and we love to cook it! Needed a change after 16 years in the design industry. We had a vision and went for it.

Q: What kind of food does your truck serve and what inspired that choice of cuisine?

A: We have a term on our truck, korchiviet. It stands for Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese. These are the cultures that make up my family. Our cuisine is a marriage of these cultures. We have Bulkogi, Korean beef in a Vietnamese French roll with Vietnamese condiments. Our Vietnamese lemongrass chicken can be served with fresh spring mix and Chinese inspired salad dressing.  Our salt and pepper fries are made with Chinese 5-spice, garlic, and sliced serrano peppers.  These are few examples of our multi-cultural food.

Q: What do you recommend first time visitors to try at your truck?

A: Spicy pork. It is our customers’ favorite. You can have it on a roll (sandwich) over rice or in a salad. We also serve it over fries!

Q: What’s the best part about serving at the SF State campus?

A: The faculty and students. They seem very appreciative and excited. I went to college many years ago. The cafeteria food is good but sometimes you need a change of pace.

Q: What’s something most people don’t know about your truck?

A: We are very mindful of our food and ingredients. We try our best to find local produce and use organic whenever possible.  We don’t use MSG. We offer options for those with special diets.


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