Food Truck Spotlight: The Missing Link

26 Sep

Our Spotlight today is from David Smith (SFSU Alumnus- Gators FTW!) of The Missing Link. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us David!

Missing Link CartMissing Link Logo

Q: What sparked the interest to start The Missing Link?

A: I spent a few summers working in Denali National Park. The first dish I had was elk chops, which were amazing. It grabbed my interest about other specialty meats. A friend of mine had a unique cart for sale and I wanted to compliment it with a different idea; thus the Missing Link. Would you expect anything less from an SF State graduate!

Q: What kind of food does your truck serve and what inspired that choice of cuisine?

A: The Missing Link serves 1/4 lb organic specialty sausages: wild boar, elk, buffalo, pheasant, and yes a sun dried tomato vegan link. There are regular beef and polish links as well. The meats are all sourced from a governed free range and contain only meat and spices. I would have never stumbled into this type of cuisine without them.

Q: What do you recommend first time visitors to try at your cart?

A: Elk- a rich beef flavor with a smoky barbecue finish that does not disappoint. It’s the best seller no matter where I go.

Q: What’s the best part about serving at the SF State campus?

A: I graduated from SF State in 2008. After graduating I traveled for a year before getting serious about a career obligation. Along my travel, summer in Alaska, a career picked me. Working as an entrepreneur back on campus is fitting. Life in a way has a made a full circle. Very cool!

Q: What’s something most people don’t know about your truck?

A: How much goes on behind the scenes. I have a healthy corporate catering list with companies such as Sony, Craigslist, Barracuda Networks, and many more. The catering menu has more side options such as: red beans and rice, almond and cranberry salads, cold pesto pasta salad..


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