Shop24 is here!

16 Aug
Shop24 SFSU

Shop24 is up and running on the SF State campus.

Without doubt, if you have walked past the J. Paul Leonard Library and Administration Building, you have laid eyes on the latest addition of convenience to SF State- Shop24.

What is it?! It’s an automated convenience store- open 24/7 and stocked with up to 200 items ranging from chips to fresh salads to toothpaste. Here’s why it’s great for campus:

It’s open 24/7.
Studying in the Library on a Saturday? Studying in the Library at 2am?? It happens to all of us. Shop24 is a conveniently close place on campus to grab something to eat.

Cash/Card/Gator Dollars.
 Pay your way. No cash? No problem. You can even use the leftover Gator Dollars on your OneCard from that time you needed to make one copy in the Library but only had a $10 bill.

Fresh food.
Shop24 is refrigerated at 35 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for the availability of fresh and healthy food choices like salads, wraps, and sandwiches. (And refreshingly cool beverages.)

Want a snack on the way to Muni without waiting in line? You can get that snack anytime at Shop24.

Shop24 looks like a vending machine- but think of it as a convenience store. It’s stocked with more than just food and drinks- there are convenience items ranging from headphones (sometimes your headphones break!) to Tums (no more upset stomach).

Shop24 Assembly

It was a sunny day in July when Shop24 was assembled on the SF State campus.

Shop24 has only been on campus for about a month, and it is already doing well during the slow, summer season. We can’t wait to see how much everyone loves it when the Fall semester begins on August 26!


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